Happy B’Day to me………

This year isn’t so bad because my birthday doesn’t fall on deadline day, which is Tuesday. In fact, I’m writing this column Aug. 7. It’s about 10 minutes to 5, and I’ve already put in a 12-hour day. Tomorrow, I turn another year older. My problem is, instead of growing wiser, I seem to be growing dumber as I age. Not sure what’s up with that. Maybe it’s a guy thing.
Last week I spoke to a fine gentleman who is 90. Guy is sharp as a whip, still working, and is a reminder that one’s age is all in the mind. When I feel like I’m getting old, I think of him. Frankly, I think people live longer if we keep working. Plus, given the year I was born, my full retirement age is now 66 years and two months. By the time I hit 66, provided the Zetas haven’t kidnapped me and my wife has refused to pay the ransom, the crooks who occupy Congress (most, but not all) will probably have changed it to 70. They’ll keep dangling full retirement in front of me, changing it every time I get close. I hope to have enough money by then that I can tell them where they can shove their Social Security.

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