By G. Romero Wendorf

Okay, it’s taken us weeks to gather a treasure trove of political skeletons from out of the closets of candidates from across the board. So if you haven’t already voted, and you’re not sure who to vote for, you might want to wait for election day until after next week’s Advance comes out on Wednesday.

By G. Romero Wendorf

When someone in the public spotlight who is making a lot of money courtesy of the taxpayer doesn’t return phone calls to The Advance, it makes us want to dig deeper into their public business and ties to elected officials.

By G. Romero Wendorf

For the past approximate month, someone who supports the Pharr Strong slate has been on attack mode against Pharr Forward and the city manager, Juan Guerra.

Dahlia Ybarra
Felix De La Garza
Veronica Limon
Attorney “Gus” Acevedo

Loaded Lawsuit

By Jan Wendorf

Editor's Note: Once again a reminder to the reader that this is an "Opinion" piece; not a news story. That means no one from either side is contacted for comment.



PHARR - On Friday, April 21, 2017, God called His daughter, Elida “Lela” Palacios home. Lela was a humble woman dedicated to God, her husband and her family.

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